SPT Clinics

In addition to providing athlete information such as their background, personal profile, and their playing experience, SPT Sports provide premium club members as well as agent and manager members with an up to date health and fitness level component. This unique feature to our business provides our members with an insight into potential athletes beyond that of their background information.

Our aim is to assess all registered athletes on their health position followed by tests that observe the athletes fitness abilities. High levels of health and fitness provide our members with an athlete that can be developed to meet the clubs requirements. Our assessment process and structure is based on the below model.

Conducted bi-annually, health and fitness state assessments are run at our SPT clinics and guarantee the fitness capability of an individual athlete. A guarantee that delivers confidence in athlete selection, without the added expense.

“Customised assessments” 

SPT Sports understands that each club is different and may require specific assessments that are aligned with the clubs strategy. In addition to our member services, we also offer our In-Depth Analysis service. An In-Depth Analysis offers entails a customised assessment clinics that is designed to meet the clubs requirements. Usually, a shortlist of players is selected from our database by our members and a customsied assessment clinic is arranged to measure specific KPI requirements. Included in this service is an in-depth analysis of game information, game day statistics, and video footage.

If your club would be interested in arranging a customised assessment clinic please email us on clinics@sptsports.com.au and one of representatives will be in contact with you.